Venice Florida Shark Tooth Collecting

Venice, Florida is considered to be the "shark tooth capital of the world". Here, shark tooth collectors and hunters come from around the world to search for these prized relics from the past. To learn more about Venice, Florida and the hobby of shark tooth collect, keep reading.

Where is Venice Florida?

Venice is a city located in Sarasota county, Florida that's roughly 10 square miles large. Geographically speaking, Venice sits on the western coast of Florida bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Take a look at the map below to get a better understanding as to where exactly Venice is located.

Venice Florida Map

Why Venice is a Hot Spot For Shark Teeth

The waters in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida's coast have remained an idyllic shark habitat for millions of years. The warm waters, plentiful prey and twisting coastlines create the perfect environment for these kings of the ocean to thrive in.

Since the prehistoric ages, sharks have lived and died within Gulf of Mexico. Once they die, their teeth fall to the bottom of the ocean floor where they become embedded in sediment and eventually fossilized. Over the years, these fossilized shark teeth have washed up onto the shores lining the Gulf, including the beaches of Venice, Florida.

One of the reasons why there are more shark teeth found on the beaches of Venice as opposed to other areas is because of the calmer wave activity. In other beaches with tall, thundering waves, the shark teeth are simply washed right back out to sea where they are typically never seen again. On the other hand, the shark teeth located on the beaches of Venice usually remain on or around the shores because of the calm waves. Collectors and shark enthusiasts scour the beaches of Venice in search of these fossilizes relics from the past.

Top Venice Florida Beaches:

  • Casperson Beach
  • Venice Beach
  • Minicipal Beach
  • Brohard Beach
  • Nokomis Beach
  • North Jetty Beach

Tips on Finding Shark Teeth in Venice Florida

The best time to look for shark teeth in Venice is directly after a storm comes in. When this happens, the shore is stirred up, uncovering thousands of shark teeth. However, one of the great things about Venice is that you can find shark teeth practically anywhere, anytime. Just walk down the surf with your feet in the water and scan the ground for any black or white objects which could be shark teeth. If you spot something, pick it up for closer observation. Be on the lookout for teeth from tiger sharks, bull sharks, mako sharks, great whites and megalodons.

If you have diving experience, you should consider hiring a charter to take you out off shore. There are a number of diving charters which cater towards shark teeth hunting. With their experience and knowledge of the area, you're sure to come out with some impressive teeth from your trip! While I haven't personally tried them, a number of hunter have reported having success from Megalodon Charters.

Of course you don't necessarily need diving experience to successfully find shark teeth in the waters of Venice, Florida. You can always walk barefeet right along the shores to look for washed up teeth, or you can pickup a mask and snorkel from one of the many supply stores in the area and go a few yards off shore.

Venice Florida Shark's Tooth Festival

During the month of April, Sarasota county holds the annual Shark's Tooth Festival. Collectors both locally and from across the country come to buy, sell and trade pieces from their collection in this outdoor festival. Ticket prices will vary from year-to-year, but you can expect to pay around $3 bucks per person with kids under 12 admitted for free. In addition the low price of admission, parking is free.

The Shark's Tooth Festival is more than just a place to buy and sell shark teeth. There are dozens of food vendors, arts, crafts, games, live music and other types of entertainment for you and the family to enjoy. So if you find yourself in or around the Venice area during April, you should check out the festival. It's an fun, inexpensive activity that people of all ages can enjoy.

Video of Divers Collecting Shark Teeth in Venice Florida


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