How To Sell Your Own Shark Teeth

Do you have a nice collection of shark teeth and are looking to make some extra cash. If you live near beach and frequently find shark teeth on the shores or in the ocean, you may want to consider selling some of your pieces. Depending on what the species and quality of teeth in your collection, your shark teeth could be worth more than you think. To learn more about how to go about selling shark teeth, keep reading and we'll go over some tips to get the most money for the teeth in your collection.

First and foremost, it's important that you don't sell any shark teeth that hold sentimental value to you. For instance, if you found a giant Megalodon tooth while scuba diving on vacation, you should probably hold on to it instead of selling it. Of course this is ultimately a person decision that only you can make, but just remember to keep the teeth that you're emotionally attached to. There's nothing worse than having that empty feeling after you've spent all the money you made from selling a prehistoric tooth.

Money For Shark TeethPricing Your Shark Teeth

It should go without saying that you'll need to have some knowledge on how to price shark teeth if you plan to sell them; otherwise, you could end up selling them for a fraction of their true value. The problem is that many beginners simply don't know how to price their shark teeth. They assume that all teeth are the same, and as such, they are all worth the same amount of money. The fact is that shark teeth come in a wide variety of types and vary in value from less than $1 to well over $1,000. Knowing what factors into the value of a shark tooth will allow you to sell it for its true value.

The most influential factor that goes into determining the value of a shark tooth is the species. Prehistoric teeth from the Megalodon consistently sell for hundreds of dollars to eager collectors, making them the most valued species to date. Thankfully, Megalodon teeth are easy to identify, as they're the largest type of shark tooth you can find with many of them reaching lengths of over 7 inches long!

Following Megalodon, the second most expensive type of shark teeth you'll find are those from the mouth of the great white. Depending on their size and quality, great white shark teeth can sell for the same or more than than the Megalodon. High-quality great white shark teeth specimens can easily sell for $100+, so keep an eye for these at the beach!

Next in line in terms of price are teeth from now-extinct shark species other than the megalodon. Teeth from the extinct Hemipristis serra also sell for a sizable chunk of cash because of their large size and prominent serrations.

Other teeth that are valuable and worth noting are those from the bull shark, tiger shark and mako shark just to name a few. However, compared to the great white or Megalodon, these teeth are worth considerably less, usually averaging at just a couple of

Before listing or selling your shark teeth, do a little research to determine what others similar to yours are selling for. Remember, a shark tooth is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The best way to determine this information is to check and see what other merchants are selling their pieces for. Taking a few minutes to scout around can provide you with valuable information to help you list your pieces for the most reasonable price.

Where To Sell Your Shark Teeth

The problem that many people run into trying to sell their shark teeth is simply not knowing where to list them. The fact is that there's not a huge market with people looking to purchase them, so how to you reach out to the small portion of collectors interested in shark teeth? One of my personal favorite websites for them is eBay. It you have a great white or Megalodon tooth, you're almost certain to get it sold at a pretty high price. Best of all, there's so many people using eBay that the prices set themselves. Even if you start the listing at .01 cent, people will continue to bid on it until the price goes up to what it's worth, allowing you to get the most money for it.

You can also try listing your shark teeth for sale on Craigslist. Although you won't have the same exposure as eBay offers, it's still a great option because you don't have to pay listing fees or for shipping. Just be cautious when meeting people in person, as it can sometimes create dangerous situations. Use your common sense and if something doesn't look or feel right about the deal, call it off.