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Welcome to, the world's #1 website for finding shark teeth for sale! We know just how difficult it can be to try and find real shark teeth. You can search the beaches and coastal waters for days and still not find a speciment you're looking for. While you may find a few pieces here and there, chances are you won't be coming across any megalodon teeth without a ray of luck shining down on you. In addition, chances are slim you're going to stumble across a megalodon tooth by shopping at local stores and beach shops. Thankfully, you can find one of the largest selections shark teeth for sale through our website, including megalodon shark teeth.

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Why do People Collect Shark Teeth?

Scientists believe that sharks have been living on this planet for around 400-410 million years, and people have collected their teeth since the beginning of civilization. Residents of the Pacific's Gilbert Islands used serrerated shark teeth to produce spears, tridents and other hunting effective weapons. In other parts of the world, shark teeth have been used for jewelry, collecting and trading as a form of currency.

Collecting shark teeth is a fun and rewarding hobby that you can share with your family and friends for years to come. Besides, there's no conversation starter like showing off a huge great white or megalodon tooth to one of your buddies. Chances are they don't have any items which are several million years old.

Overview of Shark Teeth and The Fossilization Process

Shark Teeth

Something not many people know is that sharks have no bones in their body. Instead, their skeleton is made of tough tissue called cartilage, similar to the stuff our noses are made of. With the help of the ocean's saltwater, this cartilage deteriorates over the years. The sharks' teeth, however, are made of hardened enamel which fossilizes when mixed with sediments on the ocean floor, a process known as permineralization.

When the teeth become covered in sediment, their color changes, which is why most shark teeth you see will be black, grey, or brown. White shark teeth are usually specimens which have recently fallen out of a shark's mouth and haven't gone through the fossilization process.

Shark tooth fossilization isn't something that happens overnight. It can take 10,000 or more years of being buried on the ocean floor before it's fossilized. After that, it's now a valuable fossil that will withstand the elements for millions of years to come.

Venice, Florida

Shark teeth can be found on nearly every beach in the world, but some areas are known for having more than others. One such place is Venice, FL, which holds the title for the shark teeth capital of the world, and for good reason - you can walk down the beach and see shark teeth fragments nearly everywhere you go. Plus, it's a beautiful beach, so you should visit if you ever find yourself down in the southeast.

Shark Teeth Facts

  • Sharks have between 5 and 15 rows of interchangeable teeth.
  • A great white shark can loose 50,000 teeth in their lifetime.
  • Even though the species went extinct 1.8 millions years ago, megalodon shark teeth are still found today.
  • Shark teeth can become fossilized when mixed with the sediments on the ocean floor.
  • Sharks have a keen sense of smell and can detect a drop of blood from over a mile away.
  • Sharks have small pores on their snout used to detect the electrical field given off by nearby prey.

Collecting shark teeth is a fun hobby that's shared by people from all around the world. There's nothing like owning a fossilized tooth from one of these kings of the ocean. So whether you're a long-time collector or someone whose just looking to start a new hobby, you're sure to find enjoyment in this exciting hobby!